How do I filter age appropriate images in search?

Did you know that in addition to our thousands of artist-created images on Storyboard That you also have access to millions of Creative Commons licensed photos from Photos for Class - a safe site search for students!

Click this video to learn about choosing the right photo search options for you and your students

Go to the Storyboard Creator settings at the bottom of your dashboard and click on "Storyboard Creator Options" to customize filters for you and your students.


Illustrations and photos are hand-curated and appropriate for all ages.


Illustrations and photos are consistently reviewed, but can include more mature imagery including weapons and drug paraphernalia. Some of this imagery may not be appropriate for younger students.

We also have Image Packs that extend the art library in the storyboard creator. By default they are turned off. Choose from:

Festive Content

With Winter Holidays - Festive images for Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, and New Years

Mature Content

 With images relating to reproductive health and images related to learning about the Holocaust 

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