Storyboard Security Settings

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Storyboard Privacy

The classroom edition of Storyboard That offers three (3) levels of privacy on any storyboard.

Private (Default)

A storyboard is only visible to the author and the teacher.

Internal to Your Class

A storyboard that is shared with the class will be visible to the entire class for comments and copying.


A public storyboard can be viewed, commented on, and copied by everyone in your class. Anyone in the world with the link will be able to see the storyboard and some user information, including the user name and display name.


Manage Settings

We allow you to control what options your users have and what storyboards will default to. If you change the default, it will not update previously created storyboards.

As a teacher, you can always change any storyboard to any of the three options. The top of the storyboard will show a one-line description explaining the security:

(Default) Private

This storyboard can only be viewed by you, and your teacher.

Internal to Your Class

This storyboard can be viewed by your entire class.


This storyboard can be viewed by anyone with the link. Please make sure there is no private information on it.

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