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How Do I Join a Class?

I'm a student and I want to join my teacher's class.

Your teacher should provide you with instructions on how to join the class(es). The method may change based on the teacher's settings. 


Your teacher can give you a special link to create an account and be automatically connected!

  1. Contact your teacher to share their unique sign-up link! Click the special link (or copy and paste into your browser).
  2. Create an account with a user name and password OR sign in using one of the options on the right (Google, Microsoft, etc.)
  1. Land on your Student Dashboard!

If you're a student and you signed up for a free account, the special link from your teacher will still auto-connect your account with their subscription. Just log in to your existing account for Step 2 above!


I'm a student, but I am in a teacher account.

If you have accidentally signed up for a teacher trial, click the orange "Remove My Free Trial" button at the bottom of the dashboard. 

Then, contact your teacher for their unique sign-up link so you can join their account!


Please note that Storyboard That does not recommend the free account for school use. The Education Edition is FERPA, COPPA, and SOPPIPA compliant; the basic free account is not.
Students using Storyboard That for school should have an account connected with their teacher or school.


I'm a teacher and my school has an account.

Check out our page on joining school accounts if you're a teacher looking to join up with your school's account. 


Have questions or need assistance? We want to help! Email us at for a same day response! 😊

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