Free Trial for Teachers

How Many Students Can I Have?

During your two-week free trial, you can have as many student accounts as you like! Subscription costs are based on the amount of students you need.

Updated 3 months ago by Anna

Do you offer any training?

Storyboard That offers free demos and personal training sessions to interested teachers and administrators.

Updated 11 months ago by Anna

What Happens When My Free Trial Ends? (Education)

After your two-week free trial ends, your account will be put into a state of limbo.

Updated 11 months ago by Anna

Can I Restart My Teacher Trial?

Schedule a time to get set up and learn more about Storyboard That to restart your trial!

Updated 1 year ago by Anna

I am Not a Teacher

The educational version is designed around school teachers. If you are not a teacher, you will find the extra features unnecessary and may find the individual account right for you!

Updated 2 years ago by Abigail

How do I Remove My Trial?

If you would like to remove your business or teacher trial, delete additional users from your account, then remove your trial from your Dashboard.

Updated 2 years ago by Anna

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