Free Trial for Teachers

Do you offer any training?

Storyboard That offers free demos and personal training sessions to interested teachers and administrators.

Updated 7 months ago by Anna

What Happens When My Free Trial Ends? (Education)

After your two-week free trial ends, your account will be put into a state of limbo.

Updated 7 months ago by Anna

Can I Restart My Teacher Trial?

Schedule a time to get set up and learn more about Storyboard That to restart your trial!

Updated 10 months ago by Anna

How Many Students Can I Have?

During your two-week free trial, you can have as many student accounts as you like! Subscription costs are based on the amount of students you need.

Updated 1 year ago by Anna

I am Not a Teacher

The educational version is designed around school teachers. If you are not a teacher, you will find the extra features unnecessary and may find the individual account right for you!

Updated 2 years ago by Abigail

How do I Remove My Trial?

If you would like to remove your business or teacher trial, delete additional users from your account, then remove your trial from your Dashboard.

Updated 2 years ago by Anna

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