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Add Storyboard That App to Canvas Updated by

Only registered Storyboard That users can get the Consumer Key & secret.

If multiple teachers are using the Storyboard That app, it should be installed by the Canvas Admin.

Step 1: Get Your Consumer Key & Secret

  1. Go to your Settings page from the profile menu and click Connect To My LMS.

  1. Next, click on the Canvas icon:

You will now be provided with a Consumer Key & Secret!

The Consumer Key and Secret will also be emailed to you, as well as these instructions. You will need this information for your Canvas Account.


Step 2: Add Storyboard That to Your Canvas Account

  1. Log into your Canvas Account in a new tab or window.

  1. Add Storyboard That

From your Canvas Dashboard, add the Storyboard That App:


Find the Storyboard That App in the External Apps

And click on "+ Add App"

  1. Use the Consumer Key and Secret that was provided in Step 1 to add the Storyboard That App:


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